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  1. The Tibetan Children's Village School at "Lower Dharamsala" was established in 1984, It is a residential and co-educational school. The school is upto Seconday Level. While looking after their physical, mental and spiritual needs the school seeks to impart the best of modern education along with a deep and intimate understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Tibet

  2. Our beloved President after having visited Tibet and seeing the pathetic conditions of the Tibetan children devoid of any education by Chinese government felt strongly to provide education and a home away from home to the new comers. Hence, she continued to establish schools to have more students' intake in TCV. This resulted in the mushrooming of T.C.V, Lower Dharamsala.

  3. In the year 1980, our parent school was inundated with children recently came from Tibet. In order to relieve the pressure felt at the parent school of the excessive and chain of new comers from Tibet, a separate school had to be started to provide proper accommodation and education to many of them.

  4. Since many Tibetan children in Exile could not be accommodated in then existing Tibetan schools, they had to enrolled in Indian schools where they had no access to learning about their own culture and tradition and finally imbibe them to turn in true Tibetan. In the light of the danger posed by this situation for the gradual degradation of Tibetanness among the children, the project had to be started in 1984 to avoid it.




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