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Peace Zone

In fact Peace Zones have been established in all TCV Schools with the objectives of inculcating peace and the idea of non-violence in the behavior of our young minds. As the environment of school is usually confined by concrete buildings, the peace zone bestows our students with a place which is learner’s friendly and a place where students would get to spend some quality time with books and to contemplate, in the morning, evening and in their free time. The place also aims to serve as a platform for the students to mingle and come together with the teachers and staffs of the school in a relaxed way and also enjoy the scenic beauty around.

The Peace Zone in the School would not have been possible without the kind consideration and benevolence from LUXEMBORG LESAMIS DU TIBET. 


New Computer Lab with Internet Facilities after the class

We provide computer eduction to student from class III to X and in class IX & X we follow CBSE syllabus. Internet facility provide to the student after school hours and sunday also.


New School Library

Lower tcv library: 1. Area :8,790 sq.ft 2. Facilities: a) one computer ( library to be computerized ) b) printer and scanner c) fans, good lighting, and large windows for better visibility d) six newly made round tables with chairs, a long table and reading corner for kids. e) a storeroom for books 3. Staff: two staffs a) librarian b) Assistant librarian 4. Classes taken: we take class 1 to 10 5. Amount of books: so far we have about 17,444 books in library stock. 6. No. of periodicals: 6 7. No. of dailies: 6 8. No. of magazine: 4 9. Conducting class: with two teachers at work, we not only encourage students to read books but we also hold activities during class. For example: stand up reading in class, group reading, narrating stories and acting, storytelling which improves listening power and more. We do these activities to make library a more interesting place rather than just a place for checking in and out books.



Language Lab

Language Lab Language lab is the one place where every individual student gives priority to come and learn happily via audio installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. Generally language laboratory consist both audio and visual installation. But regarding our school we strongly give effort to improve the listening power which contains audio installation. In our language lab we have 34 seats and in each seat there is one unit which is electrically connected to a number of rows of student headset with a microphone. Our school is giving opportunity to attend language class from 3rd to 10th class students and English teachers vital role in managing their students bring them to language class. The teachers activity contains making student learn by listen moral stories, fictions, biography, daily advices and interviews of HH the dalai lama etc being an in charge of language lab I try to give my full effort regarding the management of whole language lab and providing the essential resources from internet. I can see the bright gesture of students from their interest and zeal. I am sure our language lab will be the best source to restore their skills and self confident.

From Language Lab In charge Tsering Choekyi  


Music Room

To continue producing future artists in the field of Tibetan music and dance, we provide all kind of traditional musical instruments to preserve the identity. Also our school provides band set i.e drum and guitar, to satisfy their interest in western music.

Arts Room


Art is the human creative skill and imagination which are expressed in the form of painting or sculpture and are appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. This skill is instilled and encouraged in the students from kindergarten to class VIII in Lower T.C.V. School. The art teacher is allotted three to four classes a day. Each section of classes from K.G. to II gets opportunity to attend the art class twice a week and once a week for students from class III to VIII. The students are imparted the skills of drawing and painting at different levels. The pupils from K.G. till V grade enjoy the freedom to draw or paint on any theme they like. This enables the students to take interest, explore their innate skill in the field of art and start appreciating their art work. The next level comprises of VI and VII grade students who learn the still life art form (it is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically common place objects which may be either natural or man-made). The students are made to focus on the still life art work method. The students take good initiative and keen interest in learning this art form. Lastly, class VIII students are assigned with specific theme to draw or paint. The students are taught the colour pencil shading and landscape drawing skills. They learn modern art as well. Some talented students portray their skills on canvas. Many senior students take part and have won in many inter-school drawing and painting competition. Every year art exhibition is held on various themes.


School Wet Canteen & Tuck Shop:

Wet Canteen:

Cheap, Tasty, Stomach filling and Healthy Menu is served only at Lower TCV Canteen..Every One is Welcome.

Student Comments: i think it's fine to say that our school canteen is really different from other school canteens. I'll really miss it the most when i leave the school.

Tuck Shop :

All the things needed for a student is available at our school tuck shop.

Girls Hostel : School provide separate room to each four girl group for their better learning environment and this facility is only for the senior student and these group is decided by school head.

Senior Girls enjoying the class basketball match from their terrace.

Boys Hostel :School provide separate room to four boy group for their better learning environment and this facility is only for the senior student and school head will decide which student to give this facilities and it is not necessary to get this facility for class x student, if senior student who misbehave in the school discipline then he loss this facilities. he/ she have to live in home with around 60 student.

Senior Boys competing with the girls that they too have a comfortable spot in their hostel to view the inter class basketball match

A fine court for basketball, big play ground and a well furnish skating ground: Our school have a big play ground which is suitable to organize football match and also a fine court for basketball. For girls we have a well furnish skating ground where girls used to skate on it.


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