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School Activities

Talent Show -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15thOct 2017

Usually the Talent show was organized in the evening of school anniversary. But this year the talent show was organized on Sunday 15th October. The winner of the show was Sonam Choekyi of class IX K and Kunchok Tsomo of class IX B.

Tenzin Tsoknyi IX K

Inter TCV Art Contest ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10th Oct 2017

The Inter TCV Art Contest was organized by our school in which students from the branch school sent their art work through mail. The theme of the art was based on the class level. The exhibition was done on the School Founding Day in the senior hall. The Chief Guest and the other guests watched them and students watched them the next day.

School Anniversary-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------10th Oct 2017

The school celebrated its founding anniversary with arrival of honorable Chief Guest the Superintendent of Police of Kangra District. The other guests were the heads of the neighboring Tibetan schools. As usual on this day the school organized the Inter House Athletic Meet. The day began with the march-pass and followed by the games. The whole day was full of activities in which students performed their best. In the end Machu House was declared as the winner of year 2017. The ended with the vogte of thanks from the school headmaster.

Tenzin Tsoknyi IX K

Inter School Riglam Meet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------23rd Sep 2017

The 7th Inter School Riglam Meet was hosted by our school from 18th to 23rd September for a week. On the first day Nechung Kuten from Nechung Monastery came to inaugurate the meet. The participants were from five TCV schools of Himachal Pradesh and TCV School from Selakui. There were two more STS schools - one from Dharamsala and one from Chauntara. All in all there were around three hundred students from eight different schools that participated in the meet. They were escorted by the religious teachers of their respective schools. Throughout the week all the students were busy and on the last day Kirti Rimpoche from Kirti Jepa Monastery blessed the occasion with his presence and gave souvenirs to the students and the staff members. 

Staff Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5th Sep 2017

The birthday of Dr. Radhakrishna, the second president of independent India is celebrated as the teacher’s day in all over India. But in Tibetan Children’s Village school it has been celebrated as the staff day. On this day the school principal offered the butter lamp in front of the portrait of the great leader and then he delivered his speech on the importance of the day. After that the students performed on the stage and it was followed by football and basket match between the staff and students.

Tibetan Democracy Day -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------2nd Sep 2017

In the morning students of class VIII to X went to the temple to celebrate the official function of the Tibetan Democracy Day. In the evening classes from KG to VIII participated in the cultural dance and song contest. There were three groups. The first group was from class KG to class II and in that class I son the contest. The second group was from class III to class V in which class V K won the contest. And the last group was from class VI to class VIII in which class VII P won the contest.

Tenzin Choeden IX K

Junior Homes Honorific Contest --------------------------------------------------------------24th Aug 2017

Junior Homes Honorific contest was held during the evening self-study. There were four homes to participate in the contest. They were Home no. 1, 2, 4 and 6. The aim of the contest was to develop the habit of polite speaking in Tibetan language among Tibetan students. All the participants did their best and in the end home no. 2 was declared as the winner with 47 points.

Tenzin Tsephel X B

Mr. New York --------------------------------------------------------------------------------16th Aug 2017

During the fifth and sixth period all the students of class VI and assembled in the senior hall. The attraction of the moment was Mr. Lobsang who was also Mr. New York. He had won the title of Mr. New York two times. He had also acted in Bollywood movies. He talked about proper and healthy diet to students. He gave answers to the various questions asked by the students. In the end he showed his muscles and also gave autograph to few students.

Tenzin Choeden IX K

Independence Day --------------------------------------------------------------------------------15th Aug 2017

The 71st Independence Day of India was observed in the afternoon with lighting up the lamp and offering Khatta in front of the portraits of Indian Freedom fighters. The Chief Guest was Mrs. Bimla Devi (Councilor). The program included speech by the Principal, school counselor, Hindi poem recitation and prize distribution. The guest also included neighbors from our local community. Class VII K got the first position in poem recitation. The best card makers on the theme of independence were also given cash prizes. The program concluded with words of appreciation from Bimla Devi, the Chief Guest.

Gyen Pempa Tsering, English Teacher

Junior Football Tournament -------------------------------------------------------------------------15th Aug 2017

The final match of junior football tournament was held on the Independence Day. The match was played between the two teams of class V K and VI K. Both the team scored two goals each. At the end as the match was draw the winner was decided with penalty shootout. In the class VI K became the winner and Tenzin Namgyal of V K was selected as the best player of the junior section.

Tenzin Tsoknyi IX K

Senior English Spelling Bee -------------------------------------------------------------------------10th Aug 2017

Senior Spelling Bee of 2017 was held on 10th August during the evening self-study time in senior hall and the first prize was bagged by Kunga Chonze of class VII K, followed by Tenzin Tselha of class X K and Lhakpa Bhuti of class IX K.

Gyen Pempa Tsering, English Teacher

Junior English Spelling Bee -------------------------------------------------------------------------9th Aug 2017

The much awaited event, English spelling Bee of Junior Section was organized on 9th August at 3:00 p.m. From classes IV to VI, six best spellers from each section got selected for the contest. In total there were thirty six contestants. The pronouncer was none other than our English teacher, Gyen Phuntsok Dolkar la and the organizers were Gyen Pempa Tsering lak and Gyen Tsering Dolma lak. The contest started and after many rounds, Miss Yangchen Lhamo of class IV K was in the third place, Miss Tenzin Dickyi of class VI B was in the second place and Master Tenzin Yongdue of class VI B was the lucky winner. Our honorable principal gave away the prizes and it was a grand success.

Gyen Tsering Dolma, English Teacher

Middle School Math Quiz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------28th June 2017

The cultural competition on year 2017 was held in the senior hall of our school and during that time the four houses of our school performed their program on school stage. There were three items from each house. They gave their best performances and in the Drichu House was the winner followed by Zachu house as second position and Machu and Kyichu as third position

Tenzin Chonden IX K

Substance Abuse -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------26th June 2017

The students of Health Club of Lower TCV school made preparation for the day. They gave Power Point Presentation and conducted quiz by drawing students name out of lot. The posters made by students were displayed on the school notice board. After the lunch few volunteers from McLeod Gang came and narrated their personal experiences and gave answers to the questions asked by students

Tenzin Tsoknyi IX K

Junior English Singsong -------------------------------------------------------------------------------22th June 2017

This year’s Junior English Singsong was held during the sixth period. The contest was between Class III to Class V and there were six sections. All the students were in beautiful dresses and they did their best in giving performances. The competition was quite tough and the judges were very happy with the contest. At the end when class V B was declared as the winner of the contest, the crowd of excited kid swarmed onto the scene and the thumping of tom-toms took up the chorus of triumph

Tenzin Choeying X K

Gang Gyok -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18th June 2017

Every year we observe the Lujong day on 18th June which was started by Tulku Lobsang Lak. This year our students from school participated in short distance running. From the boys group Tenin Topchen of class X K was the winner followed by Jigmey Sangay of class X K and Ngawang Kelsang of IX K as the first and second runners up. From the girls group Tenzin Pasang of VIII B was the winner followed by Tenzin Nordon of X B and Yang Dolma of VIII B as first and second runners up.

Tenzin Tsoknyi IX K

Inter House Cultural Show -----------------------------------------------------------------------------29th May 2017

The cultural competition on year 2017 was held in the senior hall of our school and during that time the four houses of our school performed their program on school stage. There were three items from each house. They gave their best performances and in the Drichu House was the winner followed by Zachu house as second position and Machu and Kyichu as third position

Tenzin Chonden IX K

Disaster Preparedness Program ---------------------------------------------------------------------3rd May 2017

To protect one’s life from the natural disaster our school invited experts to guide the students. Mr. Kunchok from Geo Hazard came to our school & gave talk on safety measures during earthquake and fire accidents to staff and students. Students were taught basic techniques to follow during the earthquake. At the end of the program Tenzin Topchen, one of the school prefect offered the ceremonial scarf to the speaker.

Tenzin Chonden IX K

National Deworming Day---------------------------------------------------------------------------27th April 2017

During the 5th period all the students assembled at the basket ground and the class teacher of their respective classes gave deworming pills to all the students. This event was observed for the first time in our school.

Tenzin Chonden IX K

Tibetan Extempore-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25th April 2017

This year’s Tibetan Extempore was held on 25th April during the evening self study. Students from class IX to X participated in the contest. The names of the participants were selected by drawing a lot and they were given topic on the spot. In the end Tenzin Tsundue of class IX K got the first position followed by Karma Dhondup of class X K and Tenzin Yangkyi of class X B. in the end the school Principal gave feedback and distributed the prizes.

Tenzin Chonden IX K

Bhoomiki Dance----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24th April 2017

As always, to strengthen the relation between the Indian and Tibetan community we usually invite Indian artists to perform in our school stage. During the 4th period a group of Indian performers came to our school and gave their performances through poetry, music and drama. There were eight dancers – five boys and three girls. At the end our school Headmaster gave vote of thanks with ceremonial scarves.

Tenzin Chonden IX K

World earth day----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22nd April 2017

This day is observed around the world as the Earth Day. A program for two periods was prepared in the school hall to create awareness among the students. Gen Jigmet Mingur lak the computer instructor gave talk to students with the help of a power point. After that students of class X gave presentation on ‘Tibet the Third Pole’, biology of life, green house and water pollution. Class VII D and X K performed two short dramas. Few students from class VII D, VII K and X K recited poems on environment. Three students from class seven presented dialectic presentation on environment. In the end the school principal gave feedback on the program.

Tenzin Chonden IX K

Principal Handing Over----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5th April 2017

Handing over between new principal (Mr.Lobsang Monlam) and former principal(Mr. Chemey Lhundup) was held on 5th April-2017.

Earth Quake Drill-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4th April 2017

The earthquake drill was conducted during second period. When the bell rang, students followed the basic safety drills like Drop, Cover and Hold. After the second drill students assembled in the school ground and the rescue team went around the school to look for the absent students. In the end the school headmaster delivered a short speech on the importance of such drill for our real life situations.

Tenzin Chonden IX K

Junior Basket Tournament----------------------------------------------------------------------28th March , 2017


The Junior Section Basket Ball Tournament began of 22nd March and the final was played on 24th March. From the boy’s team class VI B and VI K came in the final. After a very tough match VI B won the match. From the boys team class IV B and VI K came in the final; and the winner was class VI K after playing a very tough match. Thus the trophies were awarded to VI K boy’s team and VI B boy’s team.

Tenzin Choeying X K

Spring Fete------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25th March 2017

The Spring Fete was held on 25th March. Students about class VII helped the teachers in their stalls. The main of the fete was the food and games stall. The main program started at 9 a.m. and closed at 5 p.m. However, in the evening there was tambola in school hall and during which the results of mini lottery and lucky basket were announced. 

Tenzin Chonden IX K

Tuberculosis Day-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------24th March 2017

Every year March 24th is celebrated as the World Tuberculosis Day. Although this day is fixed by World Health Organisation (WHO), in our school it was organised by Health Department under the direction of School Management and the Department of Health of CTA. Dr. Sonam Topgyal from Delal Hospital visited our and gave talk about tuberculosis. After the class the final match of Basket ball was played between the student and staff team to boost importance of healthy body among the students.

Tenzin Choeying X K

Opening Ceremony-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7th March 2017

The opening ceremony started with the arrival of Mrs. Nangsa Choedon, the Secretary of Department of Education. It was organised in the school hall where all the students, teachers and parents were waiting for her. The Principal started it with the welcome speech. The Chief Guest distributed prizes to the outstanding students from last year’s performance in their exam. After that in her speech she extended her greetings to all staff and students for the new session. Then he delivered his speech mainly on how to preserve our culture and practice the advices of His Holiness in our daily lives.

Tenzin Choeying  X K

Orientation Day-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6th March, 2017


In the morning at 9 a.m., there was a general body meeting of entire school staff in the hall. After the tea break the departments of school had meeting among themselves. During the meeting, the Teaching Department were briefed about the major goals of year 2017 by the school Principal and the teachers gave their suggestions during the group discussion through brain storm for ethical values.

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