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From The Principal Desk:

In order to ensure overall development of child, we organize lots of  activities like Quiz, Elocution, Debate, and Role Play. Games & sports have always been an important focus and which children love the most. It includes Marathon race, Athletics, Basketball tournament, Football Tournament. These programs are held for students at both senior and junior level.

A month long project called Tibet Our Country is a unique program in T.C.V. School where children learn many aspects of our Tradition, culture and religion of Tibet. This year, the school selected the topic “four sects of Tibetan Buddhism” and children learn and were given opportunity to present it during school morning assembly.

Since the inception of this school, children were taught traditional songs and dance and every year after practicing for whole one month, we organize interhouse song and dance competition. It has now been three years that traditional opera show ‘Achey Lhamo’ were taught and this year children were taught ‘Zug Kyi Nyima’ and competition was held successfully. More than 200 children participated.

 Children have lots of opportunity to learn Tibetan Musical Instruments like Piwang, Dranyen and Yangjin. To ensure proper usage of leisure time, we encourage using library and internet which remains open after normal class from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. Career counselor invites children for individual counseling in counseling cell. Children can attend counselor anytime they need.

This entire program are successfully guided and taught by our dedicated staff members for which I am truly indebted. Remedial Class for weaker students is held after lunch during summer timetable when the teachers are normally free of school curriculum. Home Mothers teach Honorific language to the children for one hour during Sundays.  
       With commitment hardwork and planning we were able to produce fantastic result for CBSE class 10th result with 100% pass percentage for which TCV Education Director, head office has appreciated the effort and determination of  all the staff for this wonderful result with the acknowledgement and Merit certificate.
                  On the whole I owe this credit of establishing this school to our loving mother of Tibet, Ama Jetsun Pema La who had dedicated her life for the upliftment of Tibetan Society through education to the Tibetan Children. I also pay my gratitude to all my predecessors, Principals of Lower TCV School and former staff who had supported Amala even during hardest time when facilities were meager and still brought this school to present status.  Lower TCV has been the first school in TCV where parents pay the fees of their children for boarding, lodging and uniform. Besides this TCV head office backs all the expenses regarding infrastructure, water and electricity which cost lakhs of rupees. Currently we have 90% of children whose fees are being paid by parents. We work close coordination with parents association of Norbulinga, Mentseekhang and Gangkyi. Parents teacher meeting are held at least three times a year to discuss problems related to children. During such meeting we give time for parents to meet all the teachers and administrator for the overall growth of our children.

Last but not least I appreciate our school computer instructor in upgrading this school website and I am sure it will serve our purpose of establishing connectivity with the parents, students, and teachers and ex students.

Happy visit!
Chemey Lhundup
Lower TCV School.

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